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Pet Perennials offers one of a kind pet loss gifts that heal the heart, celebrate a pet, and are helpful to our environment. The patented Pet Perennials Kit is a memorial gardening craft that grows flowers in a memory of a fur baby. The Healing Hearts Candle contains a special keepsake that is revealed as the soy melts away in a comforting candle ritual. Our Rainbow Bridge Memory Mug provides a practical way to cherish a beloved pet! 

Pet Perennials pet loss products are not only compassionate and creative, but convenient! We take the hassle out of shopping with our complete sympathy gift packages which include the selected gift, a handwritten sympathy card, gift wrap and shipping direct to a recipient! Give a gift that heals the heart and helps the environment. SHOP NOW.

Businesses that want us to send thoughtful pet loss sympathy packages to their valued customers & employees can complete a secure Gift Package Service Account  or click to learn more! If interested in a wholesale/retail please complete our Wholesale Account Form

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