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Cherished Ones offers a unique line of mementos and services for the cremation and funeral care industry. Cherished Ones mementos are “keep-giving” products, rather than keepsakes. Our plant-able products bring forth new life in celebration of a life that has passed. Coupled with our service program, Cherished Ones ensures that our customers will always have these products on hand to offer to their very important clients. Out seed wafers are in bulk and at wholesale rates so that our industry partners can offer them to clients for celebration of life services, or as take-home reminders for marketing purposes.  The seed wafers come in many beautiful celebratory shapes and shape customization can be discussed.


Over the past 20 years how people choose to honor and recognize their loved ones has changed. In 2012 cremations increased by 44 percent from 1992 where only 19.12 percent of deaths in the U.S. involved cremation (CANA, 2003). One major reason for choosing cremation is the rising costs of funerals. However, another trend causing the rise is a movement from pragmatic and religious to unique and often secular celebrations. The latter trend is impacting traditional funeral delivery as well. Pet cremation has also grown exponentially over the years because pets are family to many.

While death is a fact of life, the way people choose to handle the arrangements for their loved one or pet can no longer be taken for granted. Therefore service providers that understand the motivation behind the changes and their customers’ wants and needs can offer the types of services and products that are relevant and unique; keeping them in business for years to come while creating another line of revenue.

Cherished Ones is the company behind Pet Perennials and BloomEssence. Both of these products are customized “keep giving” products. The cremation remains of pets or humans are merged with a nutrient rich planting matrix and flowers seeds creating seed wafers that grow perennial flowers. This same concept is behind our mementos, but without the cremation remains. The result is perennial seed wafers that, once sown, grow flowers which bring enjoyment year after year. Our seed wafers can be made in various shapes, such as hearts, flowers, butterflies, cats and dog bones. We can also design a simple shape unique to your organization if you wish.

Seed wafers are an excellent memento to give out at funeral visitations, rather than the run of the mill card. They can also be used as part of a memorial celebration. Seed wafers are excellent items to sell to your customers who visit your cemeteries, memorial gardens and mausoleums. They add color to communal burial places, replacing pesky weeds with vibrant and enduring life. There are so many ways that seed wafers can be utilized in the recognition of loved ones. They are also inexpensive and can be enhanced in numerous ways to create an even more unique presentation. It really is up to one’s imagination.

Please call to discuss our Memento Products and Services Programs at (814) 392-3750.  Feel free to download our Memento Products and Services Programs brochure.

Cherished Ones Mementos and Services Cherished Ones Mementos and Services (297 KB)

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